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some boot questions about going up in stiffness for a powerful all mountain boot.

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ill start by asking some questions, then giving the details about me in case you guys need more info



What are the symptoms of a to stiff of boot? mainly in the powder?  is there any good reason not to go with a 130? a 150 is tempting for the groomed,  but again I'm worried about getting something to stiff to be able to have fun in the deep stuff. (can you really have to stiff a boot on the groomed/hard?)


How easy is it to make a boot more flexy? can that 150/130 be ground/modified to make it feel like a 120/100?  you know if i find it unbearably stiff


is there a good reason to go with this years model, over the overstock from a few year ago? 


other then heat, is there a good reason to go with a larger volume fit for powder skiing? or is a comfortable low volume fit going to be better everywhere? (sept maybe the park?)  




About me (feel free to skip this part)


so i live in Seattle WA, and found a pretty good ski shop to do some boot work, however they (and any shop within 100miles) don't have any shell's in my size... (hooked my better half up with a great fit though!)


my foot is 260mm long and 102 mm wide,  and so a 25 shell is to big(~20mm), and a 23 is to small(about 2mm room) (a salmon falcon, lange RX,120 in the 25, and a lange RX100 in the 23)  so they suggested a last of 95-98mm in a 24


they can order me in a new boot OR i can grab some over stock from a few years back  for 1/5 the price... if I'm stuck with um, at least they'd be cheap


I'm a pretty aggressive skier,but i don't race, cause the gates are to close together...  i like to go fast, we take a radar gun and GPS spedo's with us, we rarely ski less then 35-40mph, and have a confirmed 55mph on slow day and have gone faster (no speedo though) 


however also like to ski the powder! but I'm more of a faster smother type, only a few turns, like to do 10-20' drops and airs, tress are fun(but slow)!  i don't like bumps, ill ski um, and i can do um alright... but id rather not ski um.... ever.... while i like to strait air some park jumps, i WILL NOT do trick! 


I'm 5' 9"  and 160 lbs (i put on some weight this year!) 


preface done!


for the hard stuff i would love a stiff race type boot!  but Ive seen mixed thoughts of this in the powder...  the boots that the shop suggested for my feet (plus some pressing/grinding if  needed)  the lange RS110 or 130 , or the cheaper option, Technica diablo race H22,H17,H13 (150 130 110 stiff)  or race pro 130  (this boot doesn't need the rivets punched, or the sole ground like the H model's)  the later are new 07 models that are ~$100 (over stock) while the langes are this years.


i know i can over flex my current falcon 9's with a power wrap intuition linear(the boot's supposed to be a 90 flex, like that means anything...) (i get that overly aggressive tip digging turn if i start having fun) but I'm not familiar, nor have enough experience with the powder to know the symptoms there. 



sorry for that book of info, and if something doesnt make sense... its late and i kinda just puked out my thoughts. Also a big thanks in advance!




EDIT: i messed up my foot measurement, cause i was tired at the time of writing

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Skiing fast and skiing well are not the same thing unfortunately for us all.  So how well do you ski?  150 flex boots are very responsive but very unforgiving of technical errors.  Also narrow and unforgiving of fit issues.


If you really want to go there find a shop and buy a pair.  Just understand issues before you jump in.



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i got some updates and a few more questions :) 


i kinda did a split down the middle, i went to the ski shop and talked to the boot guys some more, they suggest i grab 2 different boots online after talking more about my skill and not just my speed :) as well as the cost and my stupid foot.


again with there advice i got and skied the 130 pro (its a consumer model) with my intuition liner, from my old shell, knowing it would be way to tight below the ankle, but i wanted to get a feel for the stiffness before i committed to one shell or the other. the 130 skied AMAZING for me! i learned more about my ski in 4 runs, then i could have in 4 days! it did great in the soft stuff, the rough, everything! not to stiff! however after a full day of skiing (after proper fitment) i wouldn't want um any softer, and a tad stiffer wouldn't hurt.


So back to the shop in short order! Had them re-mold the linear and nabbed new heat moldable footbeds. And had them make abit more room for the 6th toe. amazing fit, and they ski'd great on a cold (for us) day!


However i also picked up the 150's cause i got them for such a deal, and kept um cause they shouldnt need much work for great fit, also if i ever want to try the stiffer boot (say in the summer when its 50*f and boots get softer) its there for me. or if i ski enough and my skills have improved alot more and i could make use of it, im still saving $600+. I do plan on taking them to a boot shop that is known to be very good with race boot fitting.


Now for the questions! The 150's OEM liner has to much padding around the achilles for the amount of plastic the boot has there. i stuck the thin cheap liner from the 130 in there and the achilles felt great! (other things poor)  Would using the OEM liner and grinding the boot be a good idea? Would picking up a heat moldable (or other) liner be a better way to lake care of the fitting? Which are some of the better liners for plug boot fit?  something thats easy to enter the boot, with the liner on the foot. Should i expect the plugs oem liner to pack much  compared to midrange consumer model boots liners?


Thank you very much for the reminder that boot stiffness is about skill level more then anything! also i called every shop in driving range, no one had a size 24 that was any better then my old boot :\ so sadly i had to order them. I did however seem to get lucky! Also if you have any advice,suggestions, or concerns, i would love to hear them!




edit/p.s. as for how well i ski, i always have a hard time with that question... how does one define that? i honestly think of my self as above average, but not great or anything...  i can carve with both edges and shift balance 'tween them as needed. changing form to adjust for/aft edge weight for decreasing turn radius or increasing speed. im able to control ski flex to allow me to pop or to drive out depending on what i want. i've been able to grab hand fulls of snow at the apex of a carve or if i lean for it(not good body postion but damn fun) drag my elbow (not often due to conditions, and my desire for speed). also being able to deal with small bumps, or crud at speed on edge. im not trying to brag, in fact i would love to become a better skier, and im always watching others as i go up the chair. I want to increase my skill level but i still want to ski fast :) 

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