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Aline insoles any comments?

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LSS is pushing Aline insoles as the latest and greatest bootfitting item.


Any techs have experience or comments?


Thanks so much!

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every insole is the latest greatest boot fitting tool, if made by a good tech, nuff said

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Guess I should clarify, they are not for me....I have custom insoles and would never consider an off the shelf product for my boots. I do not compromise on my gear.


Thinking about these for family members that don't ski enuff or care enuff to justify +$200 expense to have them fitted.


In other words, are these junk and the shop full of BS? Or are they an improvement and worth $50?

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defiantely an improvement on the stock insole that comes with the boot, but that statement could be applied to almost any aftermarket footbed, superfeet trim to fit, sidas step in, powerstep, zapz etc etc if it is right for the foot then great but all feet are different and all off the shelf inserts are diferent too, it is really a case of matching the two together, do the shop sell another brand of footbed or is that their only offering

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I believe they have multiple choices including superfeet. Insoles are not a product I have ever considered before. The boot tech in this LSS (who is very well respected) claimed that the aline is revolutionary eliminating the need for custom footbeds for most skiers. He indicated they blow away all the competition product.


Looking at the aline website and the company appears to make the same claim.


My thoughts were sounds good, but on the other hand it was much easier to talk someone into $50 insoles vs a $200+ fitting.....so maybe pushing these makes more business sense.


When I described my set up the conversation ended....so thus the question.


I'll probably throw the question out to the civilian epic population later but I wanted to tap into the respected expert opinion first.


I wouldn't put "em in my boots of course but if they are that good I might consider putting "em in my bike, golf and tennis shoes.

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I have had a lot of experience with Aline footbeds and am very happy with the results. I have hundreds of satisfied skiing clients using them without any problems. The metatarsal arch is probably the most beneficial feature to help foot function. It is my opinion that the Aline footbed is better than most footbeds out there including those that are custom made. I use "em my ski boots, in my everyday shoes, as well as my cycling shoes. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Wow Ray that is some pretty strong comment.....does foot take much time to adjust to the aline insole?


Should I pop a pair in one of my spare boot pairs vs. constantly swopping (and risk breaking) my super custom Alpina leather footbeds?


Your comments reflect exactly what the tech was saying....and what www.aline.com states.

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We do not sell Aline at our shop. Have seen plenty of pairs come thru the door. Some work some do not. The problem with Aline that I have seen at our shop is that they are never interfaced with the boot properly. If we need to adjust Aline there is nothing a shop can really do. The material the product is made out of curls at the toes and gives a poor fit impression. Not a bad product if it can be fit properly into ski boots. lots of pros and cons.....

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