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New Shop and Serious Boot Fitter in Pittsburgh Area

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Three Rivers Ski  is a new ski shop located in Seven Fields near Cranberry Township off of Rt. 228 and I do mean ski shop, no snow boards. Richard Bennett is co-owner and the man to see for performance boots and truly professional boot fitting.


This is the first shop in the area that I've been to that really takes the time to look at your foot, properly measure (including instep angle) your feet and put you in the boot that is right for you. You will get no oversize boot that feels comfy in the shop but leaves you sloppy footed on the slopes. I just spent about 4 hour over two days to get the right fit for me. I've yet to try them but Richard is equipped and appears knowledgeable to make modifications to liner and shell as soon as I get out to provide the feedback needed. I'll post again to follow up on my experience.


Right now Three Rivers Ski carries Lange, Nordica and Dalebello boots and Dynastar and Kastle skis. If you're looking for a deal on Lange RS 130 boots, give them a look. Richard says he wants to move them so a good deal can be had.

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I finally got out skiing two days this week. I bought a pair of Lange  RX120s and the fit was good out of the box with some instep pressure in the right boot. It was not terribly painful but enough to be annoying. Problem was resolved with a mild grind of my footbed. Fortunately for me I have no really unusual fitting problems so I can't speak to those type of issues. Even so, I am left with the impression that Richard is well qualified and willing to handle any problem. As I get into the season in earnest and I get to ski the more difficult terrain at Blue Knob, I'll get a better idea about overall fit. I did some bump skiing at Seven Spring yesterday and sampled some low angled glades that were still skiable. I suspect my boots are dialed in pretty good after this minor fix. If there is any other issue to report regarding fitting I'll post again. So far Three Rivers Ski gets my two icon14.gificon14.gif.

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Richard(and Robin) Folke are good people. they have fed me dinner several times, heck we have ever traded cars for some back roads runs. SMG BMW m3 vs my old Civic Si.


honestly its so nice to have someone locally to send people to get boots fitted now. Next time you guys go tell them you know me :). you should hear some interesting conversation at the very least.  support these guys to keep a viable boot fitter in the pittsburgh area.

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Thanks Josh for adding Richard's partner's name. I couldn't remember it. I've spent time with Richard while fitting my boots but I've only been introduced to Robin. I will be sure to mention you when next I visit.

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I wish these people good luck with their new shop. As previously stated, here in the Pittsburgh area , boot fitting almost non existent. My theory on that is customer satisfaction and making a sale. Let's face it 99% of the people buying gear just aren't going to believe it serves their long term best  interest to down size from shoe size accept some short term discomfort and be motivated to shell out $500 dollars or more and take a leap of faith the boot that hurts a bit is ther best choice.


Like the fact he is carrying Kastle too. I think it might be a smart strategy. Carry some stuff that Willi's doesn't handle. Need to stop in and see the shop. My dog's knee surgery tomorrow put a pretty big damper on discretionary ski equipment funds!  Wish these people well.

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Hi there,


Do you know if they still run their business? I wonder why the Lange official site does not show them among dealers. I am glad to hear that there is someone who carries Lange in the area and does boot fitting! Do you know if they have any email address which I could use to contact them?


Thank you in advance


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I was just there a few weekends back getting a foot bed for my son. Richard and Tree Rivers Ski is very much in business. I can't find an e-mail address but if you click on the hyperlink to their web page you will find a phone number.

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Thank so much! I am planning to go there on the weekend. Finally, a boot fitter in the area.



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Thank you all for posting the info for the Three Rivers Ski in Pittsburgh area.


I went there and tried few boots on. Richard, the boot fitter, is very knowledgeable, patient and passionate for his job, and if it hadn't been for him I would be probably still searching for a pair of them. When I went there, he told me to take off my socks and had a quick look at my feet. That was enough for him to spot and tell me all the irregularities that my feet have and guide me through different boots to find the one (yes, of course he had my feet measured, shell fit, etc.). The atmosphere at the store was very friendly and welcoming. Someone could feel the connection easily if he is open to chat with these guys a bit (Richard and Eric). I felt that everyone was there to share a little bit of their passion viz. skiing.


I definitely recommend paying him a visit if you are experiencing issues with your boot fitting. Enjoyable experience.



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I just had to bump this thread. My wife just purchased new boots from Three Rivers Ski. We showed up last Monday but they are normally closed. Just so happens that Richard was there to unload a UPS shipment of new Kastle skis. I wanted to tweak my boots a bit after over 30 days of use the liner is packing out.  Even though it was a 'day off' Richard took care of my problems then spent a few hours fitting my wife. Needless to say, her old boots were too large and the new boot still needed some tweaking to make right. We went back to the shop yesterday to fine tune the fit and adjust the bindings.


Three Rivers Ski is not just a boot shop. They are a full service ski shop. If you're looking for a shop owned and run by folks passionate about our sport and committed to customer service you owe it to yourself to check out Three River Ski.

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I can't say enough good things about Richard and the rest of the crew at (now) Peak Ski & Board. Not only was he able to do major surgery and finally get my wife comfortable in a pair of ski boots, he did some comparatively minor work on my boots that made all the difference: got a couple of punch-outs, some heaters and a pair of custom insoles from him last Friday. I got out on Sunday, and I can already tell it's gonna change everything. (But it's gonna take a couple of days to train up the new muscles I'm using, now that I'm not over-pronating anywhere near as much.) Can't wait for my big Snowbird trip in a couple weeks.


These folks are the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. If you're a skier in the mid-atlantic, find your way to Richard and let him solve all your (skiing-related) problems.

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Glad to hear about you're very positive experience at Peak Ski. Richard and his staff are committed to making sure your boots fit and you are aligned correctly. Richard offers big mountain resort boot fitting services right here in the Pittsburgh area. Make the effort to go there it is worth the effort.
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