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Ok, I'm just about to go and spend (some would say) a ridiculous amount of money on ski gear, so i thought I'd show my shopping cart to the esteemed EpicSki community for review!


The Skis: Dynastar Sultan Legend 94 (178cm).

The Bindings: Dynafit TLT Vertical FT 92mm.


(I already have a pair of Dalbello Virus Tour boots).


I'm 85kg and 180cm tall.


What am I trying to achieve with this?  Short tours in search of powder!  Also some resort skiing and a fair bit of slackcountry.  I'm an intermediate (but ambitious!) skier and quite aggressive, but i certainly do go for big airs or anything like that.  Some beefy moguls is about as wild as it's going to get - i think!


So... what do you think?  One question... should my ski tech is telling me i need the 110mm brakes on the Sultan 94 but i think that is too big... Surely there's enough play on the 92mm?