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Atomic Crimson TI vs Volkl AC50

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I've read through the Crimson TI vs AC50 stuff on here but have a different question.  I'm a big guy - 6'3", 230.  I'm going to replace my Salomon X-Wing Furys and I'm torn between the Crimson TI and AC50.  The ski mag reviews and many of the comments on here seem to favor the Crimson TI.  But I'm wondering if anyone my size has skied both on varied conditions.


I live in MN but mostly ski Tahoe and Utah.  I demo'd the AC50 on a little local hill and loved them, but couldn't demo the Crimsons.  I'm on the groomers probably 1/2 the time but would like to spend more time off-piste (where my Salomons sink hard).


I'd like to hear if any bigger guys have tried both skis and what their impressions are, especially off-piste / in the trees.

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Well, I can help with part of it.  I am 6'3" 225 lbs and have skied on AC50's out in Utah.  I have not tried the Atomics.  What I can compare the AC50's to are the AC40's from a couple years ago.  Personally, I liked the AC40's much better as the 50's were maybe a bit much for me or they were tougher to get used to.  The AC40's were perhaps my perfect ski choice ever, with a slightly slimer waist/sidecut than the 50's at around 80-82mm.  The next ski I'm going to demo this season are the K2 Ricters- which I think may be similar to the 40's- or perhaps the K2 Chargers, which may be more like an AC30 even.  For me an AC30 is a pretty easy ski, the 40 was perfect for a balance of on/off piste, and the AC50 was tougher for me on fast steep groomers.  


As far as level- I don't know the scoring system but I tend to ski the whole mountain with typically less than 5 double black runs in a day or I get too tired out.  Thus, blacks -bowls, steeps and blues- trees, groomers are what I prefer, with some occasional standard fare black mogul runs typically because there's no other choice.


I didn't really answer your question but, hey, I'm your size and we are both Midwesterners.  Might I add that Midwesterners have to ski in slush, ice, crud, powder, crowds and thin coverage.  I'm not sure we're all that picky after all of that but, like you, I like to have the right ski when I get to go out West.


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Atomic Savage Ti - much more versatile - especially for your trips to Tahoe and Utah.


Don't be afraid of the little bit of extra width over the Crimson.  The Savage still carves in spades and it's the much better ski off-piste.


AC50 for out West?  Only if you're primarily a groomer zoomer.

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