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Conflicting mount point lines?

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When I mounted my wife's bindings I noticed two lines, one molded on the fluid  binding plate and one on the ski topsheet (Rossi Voodoo SC80). The one  on the binding plate matches the center line of the boot when you follow the BSL guides on the binding plate. Any idea what the second mark, is ? Is it just decorative? Which one should be followed? Please see the pic below.




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For some reason a question on where to mount your Jester's on your Bros will elicit 45 comments but a simple question on my wife's not exotic skis gets nuttin. Come on guys, she's skiing with me for the first time in 2 years on Wednesday!

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It is because you put the heel on wrong..and the toe too. I am surprised you didn't get 44 other responses tell you you that too. wink.gif


The front of the heel is supposed to be lined up with what you used as a center mark for the boot. You will also see a similar set of marks for the toes. This should put her closer to to the center mark. Doing what you have been doing should keep her off skis for another two years. Bring the skis to a shop that will do it properly, because the forward pressure still needs to be set along with the DIN. 

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Phil, I defer to your expertise, but I followed the shop manual to the T! I think that you are misreading the picture. The to piece is to the right and the heal piece is to the left.


I adjusted the toe piece based on the BSL numbers molded into the fluid plate. I didn't notice the molded three dot pattern  oOo  until after I was done and was scratching my head about that female symbol. That's what's so confusing.


If I was completely out of my depth I wouldn't even know to be asking biggrin.gif


I just have no idea what that female symbol is - maybe it's just a design? On my other skis (flat) the center mark is molded into the topsheet.


And of course I checked the forward pressure indicator - it's dead center! but I do plan to have the a release torque test done before she skis them.


[BTW, The reason my wife hasn't skied with me recently has a lot more to do with pregnancy little  kids and work schedules. that and the fact that while she enjoys skiing and has been since she was 9, she thinks that real vacations are in warm places  --Those skis have been sitting in my basement in their original wrappers for over a year :(]

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What is her BSL?

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BSL marked and measured to verify is 294

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OK,  I measured the mount points from the tail to see where we were at.


The mark molded into the rail (the current position) measures very close to 72.1


This corresponds to the rossi technical bulletin on mount points which says that the zero mark on the 155 CM  2010 SC80 (note that this is the 2009, but same ski) is at 71.1 and they recommend mounting at +1. So I guess the current mount point should stay for most conditions. Maybe move it back to 0 for a powder day?

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My bad, sorry, I assumed she was in a boot in the 275 range. I will look at a ski with the same binding system at the shop..tomorrow.. and see where it comes up.



She is just getting back into skiing.. do NOT start moving the binding around on her...

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Phil, I think the forward molded mount point was right... after barely skiing for three years my wife was ripping in variable conditions on those skis after only a day on them. smile.gif

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