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Volkl AC50

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  177cm 2008 model. Well loved but, no loss of camber or strength. Lots of superficial scratching on the bases but, nothing even resembling a core shot, no repairs either. Lot's of days left in this 1k ski. 250 +shipping.

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What year and length?  Very interested.

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177cm and just tuned too.

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Hi, my skiing has been getting better and I feel that I am ready to buy a newer set of ski's.  How would this ski work for an intermediate skiing groomed trails mostly in Vermont?


I would be very interested if your opinion is that this is a good ski for me.




(i was searching google for AC 50 and found this thread, so registered for epic ski, seems like some awesome ski review threads within your community)

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Originally Posted by pdxammo View Post

177cm and just tuned too.

 Oh snap!  Let me consult my wife/accountant.  I want these!

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How many days on them?

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Sold , thank you.

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