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Happy Hour in Basalt

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I'm skiing Aspen in Feb for my first time and we are staying in Basalt.  Any ideas on who has the best happy hour in Basalt?

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Basalt is pretty small with only a couple of choices, better to hit Aspen.

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Forget Basalt, try the 39 Degrees Lounge at the Sky Hotel, one block from the Gondola.

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Two Rivers Cafe or Stubbies.  Woody Creek Tavern is real close by car as well. 


There is the other bar along the main drag that they used for the "Dexter Rutecki drug bust" scene in Aspen Extreme.  I forget the name, but you can always go into the bathroom and dump your stash like Dex did. 

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The Fine Line Bar and Grill! We personally know the owner and some of the staff. Amazing bar food with really good Happy Hour Deals. Check out the website at The atmosphere is great, ski lodge meets sports bar type feel. It's located in the El Jebel Plaza about half a minute from Basalt. Enjoy!

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Get a 6-pack and stand in the Frying Pan River with a flyrod in the other hand - most enjoyable!

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Riverside Grill is great in the summer.  Love sitting on the patio watching the river.  I imagine it's good in the winter too.


Woody Creek Tavern is an institution and worth the drive.

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