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Nice cheap ski gear.

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I realized today my ski gear is just horrible. Not the skis, boots, or poles. My jacket, gloves, etc all are just not good dating back to the 90s now. I always had hammy downs, now that I have a job I want to treat myself to some new stuff before I go out to Heavenly Lake Tahoe with my family. 


Each equipment should be a price range around $10-$250. Since I have nice skis, boots, and poles the main wallet killers, I hope not to spend way to much. Links are really helpful :D. 




PS I like green or red. But it does not matter much as long is it is relatively cheap. 

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check other threads.  there are a number of good web sites provided to browse that offer great deals on ski gear. 

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Today is a good day to buy from Sierra Trading Post.  They are offering an extra 20% off everything and 2 day shipping until midnight right now with the coupon code they have on their main page.


btw, if you miss out on today's sale, be sure to at least sign up for their e-mail list as it seems they send out decent coupons about once a week.

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