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Correcting heel lift in Lange 110 RS

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Hey guys, 


Quick question. 


I was just fitted with some new boots at a pro deal night. I have a really narrow heel, high instep, narrow toe box area and really skinny ankles. The bootfitter put me into size 27 Lange 110 RS boots. The shell fit seemed good--he had one finger and a bit. Apparently the shell size was a 27.5 and the thicker liner makes it a 27. He actually fitted me in the wide version because they didn't have the narrow version in stock. Fortunately the real version fit great around the instep and toebox.


After a day of skiing I'm finding that my heel still lifts in these boots and am not sure how to proceed. Because it was a pro deal night, the shop isn't willing to guarantee the boot fit. (Honestly the pro deal isn't worth it up here... I don't think I'll bother with pro deals again.) 


I'm wondering if I should have been fitted in the 26.5 boots and had them severely punched out.  


I've also discarded my old custom made footbeds as they tended to hurt my arches. From what I understand, a footbed will actually create more room in the boot, which is what I don't want...


What would you guys suggest? I'd value your opinions. My old boots (ill-fitting dalbello kryptons) had some kind of padding on the back of the boot above the heel which helped. Should I ask for this to be done? Also, this might sound like a dumb question, but should I be buckling the top two buckles tighter to lock the heel in? It really is a snug boot, aside from the heel lifting. 


Thanks guys!

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can you translate from fingers to mm for me please?   most people are looking for a 5-15mm shell fit, and if you foot is moving around, maybe a narrower version, or a smaller shell are the right answers.  SO are you in the narrow version or not?  Sounds like you should be in the narrow one...


Also, can you go pay for bootfitting at the store you pro-dealed them thru?  If you are stuck with the shells, then might as well work with them and see if you can make them better.


Try adding :

a better footbed (helps to prevent the foot from moving)

thicker sock.

eleminator tongue

"L" or "C" pads around your heel.

thin shim below the whole footbed.



Tighten the 2nd buckle from the top, tight enough that your heel feels tight and back in the boot.  This will also create some pressure on your shin.   To up the top buckle, and the power strap, so that this shim pressure is even,   Then do up the 2 lower buckles so that your forefoot doesn't move around.

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27 and 27.5 are identical boots.  However, it is impossible to advise on length without seeing actual fit.  However, it seems your fit length is fine.  Footbeds don't necessarily shorten your foot and either way I'd say it doesn't matter as it isn't the length that holds you in position.


If the footbeds hurt your feet it is possible they were improperly made but also possible they weren't trimmed to fit in your boots.



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