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Friends in High Places

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Two of my crew are on I-70 as I write this, heading to Vail. If the snowcast is correct, they are about to get some PRIMO POW TURNS.




My luck that my wife got first dibs on this week to visit her folks back in Jersey. Me, I get the dog, the cat and kill some fish.


I'll post  any pics they send me way, tho they will be phone pics I'm sure.

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Weather is fickle. My buddy left Snowbird sunday only to have it dump on monday. Complained that his Bentlers didn't have enough new soft snow underfoot. Ahhh, too bad!


My buddies in Vail complained that it was "surprisingly tracked-out". What do you expect after a weekend of snow just before Xmas?

No big dump, it was cancelled, and at last report was it's raining in the Village. Let's hear it for NOAA, you've done it again.


Mammoth got 10+ feet of this stuff, the Wasatch got their 3 feet and Tahoe 4+ feet.


Maybe I should rename this thread, "Friends in the Wrong Places". lol


It happens!!!


Me? Guess I'll go kill some fish with Bazzer 'til I get on the snow next month.

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Anybody complaining about the snow conditions in CO doesn't know what they are doing.  While we haven't gotten the snow totals of CA or UT we never do and we have gotten lots of snow.  I haven't skied a non powder day here in several weeks.  Yes it rained in town at Vail and the top of the mtn was in primo shape.  In CA they would call the snow we have gotten the last couple of days...blower...I'd call it cream cheese but it skied very nicely!

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I'll agree with you Dave.  Saturday at Breck was better than any day in Colorado last year.  Sunday at Copper was one of the best I've ever had in CO.



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His kids look like they are enjoying it. This is from yesterday. untitled.bmp

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