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Bearded Ski Mask

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I've seen a few boarders out there with fake beards on the slopes. Has anyone tried one of these? I would think it would fog up my lenses but the ski beard looks bad ass. Anyone got one?

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 I have to say its eye catching.  Just figure to ski or board with your A game tho biggrin.gif  A very interesting design.

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The red one just has "Taliban" written all over it! I'd need an RPG to go with it.

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Do you see a lot of these masks in Colorado?


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I'd be afraid of being called out as a poser by the dude at Berkshire East rocking the real thing and vintage aviator goggles.  His pic is on the front page slide show icon14.gif

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Imitation as the greatest form of flattery perhaps? Just include the aviators and you're set  cool.gif

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Volantaddict fans.
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I ran into another group of boarders this weekend and asked them how they liked it.  It was 20 degrees and the guys said it rocked.  No problems and really warm.  Looks like they are sponsors also on Epic Ski. 

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