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dynastar mythic riders: finally found a ski that makes me smile

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i'm just a good novice/intermediate skiier who's been  trying a  few askis to get a better fit for my style, and fitness level...wasn't finding a connection either until one chap on here offered to sell me just recently his nearly new Dynastar Mythic Riders (90mm waist) in a 172 (i'm 173lb, 5'6"/167cm)... I remember seeing them in person, esp their length of 172 (vs my height of 167) and thought 'I'm going to die...they're too much'...I was advised me to 'drive them hard' to get the most of them....and they were burly heavier skis, too....actually I didn't try them 'til today just out of fear that I'd be over my  head with them....so upon clicking in with my boots today for the first time out, I gulped hard.


but what a revelation upon trying them (and of course what is a great ski for me is not for someone else and vice versa)...ie  it was like dating a gal and finally ''clicking''....we got a 5-8" dump of fresh dry PNW snow today at Cypress (not cement) and i remember during the first run how they were easy to initiate a turn: almost any radius I wanted, too: short, med or long....yet when I did drop my pedal to the metal it was like hitting the gas on a car: they just wanted to fly with no squirrlyness at all,  they became a locked in and loaded carver, esp in med-larger GS turns....over mounds and such these things were just like a 'big monster truck' rolling over with suspension.


for the first time I took them into uncharted territory, namely, 6-10 inches of ungroomed snow...maybe it was the skis, maybe it was the good snow (not heavy cement) and maybe even it was (finally) me having more confidence and better body separation (remembering the tips many kind posters have suggested on epic ski ie keep squared going down with good upper/lower body separation and use legs (closer together) as a pivot for up/down movement) ...for the FIRST time I was actually skiing ungroomed snow and enjoying it (sure i will continue to take lessons to tweak things as I love learning to progress my technique, but overall I was having fun and doing ok ie no wipeouts).


sure I haven't tried them on more packed or icy conditions, in crud or in very deep powder (i'm sure there are better skis for those conditions,esp hardpacked/ice and deep powder) ...but for a 1 ski quiver for my local mtn or for Whistler they may be the ticket. (yet I still would love to buy a really wide powder ski for big dumps as well as a good carver for hard packed...but for now these babes will suffice).


hopefully they'll continue to help me in my learning curve to be a better all round skiier (in addition to putting in lots of mileage and getting instruction for feedback, of course)

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Glad you love tour new skis.  I was on a 178 Mythic last season and loved it.  Very versatile ski, could be a reasonable one ski quiver for JH.  I think the waist on the Mythic is actually 88.  Not that 2mm really matters all that much.  It's a shame that Dynastar stopped making Mythics.  I still haven't tried any of the Sultans that replaced the Mythic in the Dynastar line-up.

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Oddly, I look forward to the days I can use my 184 MR's, as like yourself, I found them to give me a lot of confidence on firm off piste snow. Because I have a nice quiver of skis, they rarely get to see any fresh snow these days, but I all to well remember a day last season where we got a surprise 5-8 inches over night, I didn't have my rockered 190's with me and I had a blast on the MR's. The lifty in a desolate part of the mountain knew I was having a blast, and I pretty much had it all to myself, as it was mid week in April. The guy was choppin at the bit for his replacement to roll over for his break time, as I was so stoked, i kept telling him how much fun it was. The guy was sick of me, I am sure. Enjoy the skis, they will last you well into your learning curve.
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Hey Canali, sounds good about the skis! Out of interest, how were the lift wait times yesterday? Up on Friday - what a gorgeous day - and it was ski onto the lift each time but imagine the weekends at the moment would be a different story.


ps think the MR is very much a midfat still, wait until you do go fat though, especially in new snow...

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tetonpowder junkie: i hear you on the waist being '88'....but the measurements on the skis says clearly 90mm...and I did take out a tape measure to confirm and 90mm it is (mine are the split coloured white and orange ones). so ???


lj269....lines at cypress were ok today but a bit busier than yesterday (got to love the 'singles' line for express queing)

...guess most people out doing xmas shopping.


today had the MR out on raven's ridge at cypress during a group lesson.. well for being pretty steep and lumpy/ungroomed (which cravy raven is)

I still have my challenges ahead of me, irregardless of the skis, LOL

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I found that same thing with the Pro Rider in a 176, easy to ski considering the specs and data. I would never have considered it, preferring 165cm skis at that time (and in the Orange Black model the 166 was not yet being offered), but I had the chance to demo the ski and here's what I thought: I feel like I have always been on this ski. after two turns, it feels familiar and confidence inspiring. It has a classic feel that takes me back through all my years of skiing, while giving me modern sidecut for GS style carving off piste (PR being simiilar to the MR, but with a full sidewall instead of tail sidewall, tip cap.) The feel is so stable and smooth, might say silky.

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update: took them out to some different snow conditions a few nights ago (hardpacked night skiing conditions at cypress mtn here in north vancouver bc - 5 celcius) where again they performed admirably...i think their heft/burliness is another reason why they edge pretty darned well...to be sure, on icier  conditions you can only expect so much from an 88-90 mm waisted ski vs one with a slimmer 70s mm waist... but regardless I'm pretty impressed at their versatility...once you turn them firmly on edge they just go into 'lock and load' with no squirrliness at all.....find that I have to frequently step out of edging/loading them up for any long duration as they'll want take me into mach 3 speed mode (I'm not a speed freak by any means...instead i prefer technique/finesse over power/speed...well not always, but more often than not).


last night took' em out again..it was pretty hard-packed conditions again at cypress (0 celcius/32 farenheit) ...but this time it was stickier 'softer' snow, not icy or crusty as it was a few night ago but it was still hardpacked....and once more when I turned them firmly on edge with some pressure they suddenly get revved up into some cocky 'GS wannabe speed demon' that doesn't want to let go. 'Oh Fu*k me!' is my fav refrain once these babies start to lock and load, loleek.gif

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Canali, glad to hear your loving the new skis. IMO, new skis always seem to make me want to push harder and they improve my skiing. The MR is just a fun ski. I find it puzzling that so many guys are riding rockered 110 waist skis for their daily drivers if they are skiing in a resort that has 90% groomed runs and the other 10% is quickly tracked out. For those conditions, I think the MR is perfect.
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