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Overweight newbie looking for advice.

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Hi Folks


I am new here and was looking for advice on ski size and bindings. I’m a big guy – 6’4” and a shade over 300lbs. I’ve recently purchased xc skis for my wife for Christmas, and I a going to be purchasing some for myself after the big day.


I’m looking around and seeking out as much info as I can find. I’ve found a couple of sources which suggest K2 and/or atomic skis. Does anyone have any suggestions on the subject.


I can’t be the only person this size attempting to ski… at least I hope I’m not.


This is a fantastic forum by the way, it’s been really interesting to read through.


Thanks in advance




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Welcome to the forum, newfoundlander, and to the best sport in the world!


A couple of questions - what kind of skis did you get your spouse, and what kinds of routes are you anticipating taking?  Is there a groomed XC track near your house that you're planning on visiting?  If so, did you get her skate skis?  If not, are you planning on visiting snowy roads?  Doing more backcountry tours?


If you've not skied XC before, you'll be absolutely blown away at what it does for your fitness.  It's hugely aerobic.  I ski with a heart rate monitor, and am able to sustain higher heart rates and burn more kcals skiing (both XC and AT) than by doing any other sport in my repertoire.

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I anticipate going on groomed trails but wish to have the option of venturing off the beaten path. There are gromed trails near our house. Newfoundland gets a LOT of snow at times, so it would be great to be able to take advantage of that.


I purchased my wife a set of Solomon Snowscape 7 Siam Skis from a local ski shop here. I'm limited in my budget as well. I wouldn't want to go too far over 450.


I just realized that I perhaps should have posted this entry in the 'gear' section... oopsy.


Thanks for such a speedy response!


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I think that more XC skiers look in this part of the forum so you're in the right place. My wife started XC many years ago and our skis were all "wrong" but we had so much fun that 40 years later we are still at it. Going moonlight skiing after I write this.

At $450 you'll have no problem finding a good ski. The other good news for you is that with a waxless ski you will have great grip. I would suggest a long ski for your weight and a mid-wide ski for better floatation off the tracks. Something about 190cm long and 60+ mm wide under your feet like the 189 Fischer Outbound Crown




Maybe others here know a stiff ski to recommend.


Have Fun!!

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I'm not sure where you are located.The office I work for designed a new base lodge for a xc ski area in Corner Brook Newfoundland a couple years ago. I'm not sure if the new facility has been built but the xc ski trail system there looked pretty impressive and the surroundings really beautiful. Have fun!

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Thanks Wooley, that's great, I'll look into those for sure. That sounds great.


oisin, I'm on the east coast, though I lived in CB for years while attending school there. I have plans on going back in the winter, so I'll be sure to look out for it.

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Just wanted you to know that I was not necessarily recommending that specific ski. I meant to show a class of ski that seemed suited to your altitude and gravitational pull :-) Good fitting boots are key.


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I have never been to Newfoundland but it looks to be an incredibly beautiful place.  XC country skiing there sounds like a natural.

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It is a lovely place, that's for sure.


If anyone else has any ideas for skis please feel free to chime in. I'm interested in broadening my knowledge on the subject.

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