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Volkl edge blowout?

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I talked to a guy who said Volkl has been having problems with their edges blowing out on their race series. He said they all had a construction defect near the tip. This was mostly with last years line I think.

Just wondered if anyone could comfirm this - Im looking for used race skies and don't want one that will blow up.
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Actually , I am ignorant about this, but generally i would say that your SL skis are most likely to develop edge blowout. Seems like there are bunches of aftermarket products in the race supply catalogs to protect the tip area from delamination and separating. Whether Volkl is any worse, again I don't know.
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Limited input but I'll ask around more. One of our coaches is on the 170 SL (2001). He hit a gate and had the edge come loose at the tip. It seems that the plastic protector does not fully cover that area. He claims it was an easy fix.

I have the same ski and have had no problems. The ski I am refering to is black with the gold stripes.
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I have a pair of the 193 P-40 F1's. Great ski, no problems yet. Volkl is a great company, if there is a production problem, I am sure they will take care of it even after your warrenty expires.
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Could very well be in the sl skis, the newer sl skis for this season and the race stock models have a special tip deflactor and plastic peices over the top skin of the ski to prevent the delamination that occured with the p40 sl ski when it hit gates. As far as edge blow out, they look like they are pretty sturdy underfoot - actually more than they used to be as they no longer are using their 3D side cut... And they have stopped using the shinny topskin and have gone to one that appears (not sure if it is) to be more durable than the previous seasons. not sure exactly, i know a lot of people on volkl skis and the edges arent blowing out at all.
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Thanks for the replies,
I wonder if the guy I talked to meant delamination (which could obviously lead to edge problems)
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The ski was replaced by the factory. He hit the gate head on ..... P-40 SL. He did have the stick on top pads from Reliable Racing, but they only protect the cosmetic top sheet.

Last year a gate took the plastic off my old red P-40 F1 GS. No real damage, $10 and some glue.
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Call the "SKI SHOP" in Framingham, MA, @508-875-6905. As to talk to Mike. He should be able to fill you in completely on this situation........he would know (wink).

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