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Head skis help please

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Hello. I am going to buy these skis in the picture. I was just wondering if anyone has any information about these skis, such as what year they are made and what the model is called. Thank you!


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Hi, kzlochevsk.


I don't recognize the exact model but judging from the shape of the skis in the photo, I'm fairly sure that ski would have been made sometime around the late 1990's.  It looks to have a pretty similar shape to the Head GS race skis I was on around 1998.


Please don't take this the wrong way, but I hope the price you would be paying is pretty low.  It's not that they weren't good skis when they were a current model and it's certainly not that you couldn't have fun on them, but that's not a very modern shape.  There are lots of skis that were made in the last five years that are available for very low prices.


Good luck with your decision.

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