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Hi All, 


I posted a while ago about my decision to choose between Dynastar Sultan Legend 94s and 85s.  I subsequently tested the 94s and loved them.  I was planning in fitting Quiver Killers so that i could swap between resort days and touring days with Dynafit bindings.


Then i went on an avalanche training course and mentioned this to the mountain guide who suggested I just put Dynafit bindings on them.  He claims the modern bindings are so tough you don't need to bother with exclusive downhill bindings any more.  I thought this was sensible so I went down to my local store to buy them and the ski tech there told me the Dynafits would be too weak for this ski and not give it enough longitudinal stability.  Apparently the 94 comes with a plate down the center of it to which the standard downhill bindings attach and which give the ski extra stability.  He also claims to have had a customer who regularly broke his Dynafit toe-piece


He suggested I get a Diamar Fritschi bindings which he claims will give me better downhill performance and says that "this is what all the big-mountain BC skiers are doing now".


Here's the binding he recommended (sorry for a link to a commercial site - just trying to find a picture of them):


I've only tried Fritschi bindings once and really prefer the lightweight feel of the Dynafits on the uphill.  For downhill i've bashed down huge moguls in them, skied nasty crust, and also spent plenty of time on hardpack groomers on them, with no problems and i'm a pretty aggressive skier.  However, it's very hard to argue with an expert, and really, for me, the reason i've getting the 94s is for the downhill powder experience.  Uphill lightness would be nice but if the Dynafit binding is really a bad idea, i don't mind switching.


Basically, i'm confused.  I've pretty much decided against the Quiver Killers as I now think I can get one binding that suits all conditions and i don't really want to have to buy two sets of the bindings anyway.  I'm just confused as to whether to go for the Fritschi or Dynafit set up.  


I already have a pair of touring skis (Dynastar Altitrail Vertical Light) with Dynafit binding and i really like the lightness and the natural feel which i think comes from the great toe hinge position.  Is it really going to be a problem to put Dynafits on these fatter Sultan 94 skis?  I have the TLT Speed Dynafit bindings on my Altitrails.  Is there a more heavy duty Dynafit binding or should I just go for the Fritschi binding?


I weight 85kg, am 180cm in height, and the purpose of the 94s is to go find powder that I can't get to from a lift - I live in the Portes du Soleil in the Chablais Alps in France.