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Me:  5'-7" 155 lb advanced male skier previously on Volkl AC3's.
Ski: K2 AfterShock(130-86-114) 167 cm. 
Took my new AfterShock's to Sugar Bowl Tuesday hoping to enjoy two feet of new powder.
Delayed by a massive traffic jam of trucks chaining up, so ended up enjoying cut up powder and crud instead.
Though I expected the K2's to be better than my Volkl's in those conditions, they were much, much, much better.
Don't know if it was the additional float, the early rise tip, or my biorhythms; but I have never skied that well in my life.
The K2's carved nicely where it was appropriate, and worked very, very well for me on the steeps and in the crud.
I could pretty much do anything I wanted on those skis - truly a magical experience for me.
Intend to post a more detailed review on the AfterShocks after trying them on firm snow and untracked powder,
but wanted to get this up now as I know others are looking for this size ski.
****************************** UPDATED JANUARY 6, 2011 ***********************************************************
Further impressions after skiing them another day at Sugar Bowl and two days at Alpine Meadows.
Not much new snow, so skied in gradually firming up conditions, but by no means rock hard snow.
The skis continue to rock in all kinds of crud - soft to pretty firm - doesn't matter much at all.
A big factor in this is that the early rise tip seems to soak up jolts that would otherwise mess up my fore and aft balance. It's pretty cool to experience.
First day in firmer groomed conditions initially had me wishing I was on my Volkls, but OTOH having to ski the K2's forced me to learn how to carve them in harder snow. Just required more angulation and full commitment to maintain the edge angles needed. Think this is more a comment about learning to ski wider skis than the K2's per se. Regardless, when skied correctly, they carve a mean trench - much better than anticipated.
The skis do have a relatively stiff tail compared with their soft early rise tip, but the combination seems to work well for me. In fact, the stiff tail gives a friendly reminder if I get back too far, without producing punishing unintended acceleration. Actually kind of fun when done intentionally.
No chance yet to try them in untracked powder, but I'm a HUGE FAN of AfterShocks for crud and groomed.

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