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Hi guys,

I am shopping for a new pair of skis, I currently ski on 2009 Salomon X-wing 8 and I feel I need a better skis.

I am 42 yo, 6 feet tall, 170 lbs, very fit (road cycling, weight lifting). The ski I have 166cm and I think they are way too short for me. They are also not stable on high speeds.


I ski mostly in the lake Tahoe area, ski pretty much everywhere, moguls/trees/groomers. 

Tried last week friends Salomon Tornado Ti 173cm and was amazed by how much more control and power I have on them.

Now, one of the local shops have Salomon xw Fury with integrated bindings on sale for $600, claiming that MSRP $1250.

I cannot find any info on those skis, not on salomon web site, not anywhere else.

Based on the price they shall be better/higher end the Tornados. They are also are a bit wider in the waist 85mm vs 80 equal size Tornado. BTW, the size I am looking at is 177cm.

Also looked at Volkl AC50 or AC30 but not quite sure whether they are suitable for moguls.

Any info/opinion is appreciated, Thanks!