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Boot Buying Advice...

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I'm in the market for an aggressive AT boot. I found some used Garmont Radium's in my size on craigslist and apparently they are "pretty much new". I know the fit and it works well for me. 


I talked the seller down to $300.


I honestly don't feel like any boot that has been "used" at all is worth more than $250. I actually think $200 is pushing it.


Think about it... lightly used 1 season old demo skis are usually 75% off in the spring. Demo skis for the most part show zero wear-and-tear. Boots on the other hand are heat molded, and even after the first use, liners start to pack-out, plastic gets softer (blah, blah, blah)


So a $600-$700 boot shouldn't cost more than $150-$200 "used" (pretty much new)... Right?


Am I off-base?

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where are these 75% off LIGHTLY used one season old demo skis you speak of?



In my sphere of existence skis rarely change every year, usually every two.  Thus most shops keep the skis 2 years and if your idea of light use is 100 days of skiing and abuse by renters then ok.  But i usually see demos for maybe 50% off ski retail price, with some crap demo binding thrown in.


75%? i'd own a lot more skis if i was seeing this.



Edit:  to be more helpfull i figure 300 bucks is pretty decent if he hasn't altered the shell or liner in any permanent way and has skied less than 5 or so days in them.  If your like me i usually get 100 days out of a boot so 95 days for half off is a pretty good deal.  The liner really isn't gonna do anything too crazy in that amount of time, he just broke in the length for you a bit imo.

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