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Hi everyone.


I am in search of housing in the Vail Valley for Jan and Feb.

The only requirement I have is being on a bus route and close to a town as I won't have a car.


I have spent the last couple seasons their, but this year my parents are very sick so I can only commit a couple months at a time.

I'm in my mid 40's and I think responsible as a ski bum can be. I have local references!


I started working on line after a bad fall. So I work for a few hours in the mornings, then head to even Vail or BC for the day. I would respect your property as I am a home owner myself and completely understand your concerns.

No bringing drunk friends home or throwing parties. I just need a clean safe place to sleep with cool trust worthy people.


I think my situation is perfect for someone who just needs some extra cash and not give up their home for very long.


I arrive January 6Th or 8Th and would be able to pay month by month through March I hope.


At this point I'm looking at staying at the Turntable in Minturn if I cant find a room. They are great people but the bus only runs for a couple hours in the morning and evening. If you miss the 9am bus your stuck in Minturn for the day. Its a bare minimum situation at the Turntable. No TV  or Internet :-(


My budget is $600.00 to $700.00 per month


If you have website or Internet marketing to be done I could also do some of that for you. I get sites on page one of Google every time. Thats what happens when you get hurt and stay online 24/7 healing for 6 years.


PM me and I will send more information. I arrive in Aspen to spend 2 weeks with friends Dec. 25, and could come and meet you.


I really need a break guys so please consider this deal and PM me.




Bill G