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Recently bought a pair of Atomic GS12s (183) used. The bases/edges are in excellent condition (lots of wax) but the decks show signs that these skis have definitely been skied. 


Upon getting them I noticed that there was very little camber and what was there was very soft. I friend has a pair of Rossi GS skis (also bought used) that have a similar camber characteristic.


I have gotten back into skiing the last couple years after a LOT of years being away. I know the technology has changed radically over the years. As such, is this soft flex on these GS skis normal for this type of ski? Or is this a sign that the ski has been skied hard and lost its flex? 


Also, I'm interested in swapping the Race 1018s on these skis for Race 614s or Race 412s if anyone is interested.