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Swiss star Gut suspended after badmouthing coach

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Her World Cup career started with a bang, but she seems to be having trouble getting back on track since the big crash...



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OK, she immediately proves me wrong.  So far it still sounds like she's on the bench in Austria.



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You're still right. The first article you linked says the suspension will be December 28-29, but that "Gut will compete in super G, downhill and super combined World Cup races this weekend in Val d’Isere."
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Interesting perspective from Ski Racing:  Sounds like her Dad is a good coach.




 Speaking of young stars - what can one make of the Lara Gut suspension? Can anyone else see the potential for a Marc Giradelli like career here? Didn't read so much coach bad mouthing as mistrust. 




Gut, who, at 17, won two World Championship silver medals here in Val d’Isere in 2009, regularly trains apart from the Swiss team with private coaches and training staff which includes her father Pauli Gut. She missed most of last year’s competitive season with a badly injured hip.

Gut criticized Pini, her former personal coach, in the Swiss newspaper Sonntagsblick on Sunday after he reportedly suggested she spend more time training withe the Swiss team skiers.  

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Personally I agree with this ban. Newspapers and TV are not place to wash dirty laundry. There are other ways to solve these problems. I can't say anything about her father being good coach. She got best results when exactly this, now so bad and ugly, Pini was her (private) coach so...

When it comes to switching nations, things are not so simple with FIS. Switching to some other country, will most likely end her career. First she get's 2 years "ban" for all FIS races, then, if she doesn't get permission from Swiss ski federation, and most likely she wouldn't, she loses all her FIS points, so after 2 years of no competing, she would start from zero. And even though she's still young, I doubt she can make it to top again from zero, once she's something like what... 22, 23? And in worse case, this would also mean skipping Sochi, but for this I'm not sure now, since she was not in Swiss Vancouver team. If she would be, Sochi would be history for her, if she would decide to switch nations. So it's not as simple as just getting Botswana passport for example ;)

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All I've heard so far is that she made some critical remarks about the Swiss coach.  What, exactly, did she say?  After all, this is a ski team, not a prison break, and it seems like an athlete ought to have a certain amount of freedom of speech.  If it was something really inflammatory, maybe that's not such a good idea, and getting suspended might be the right thing.  On the other hand, if all she said was something like "I prefer my dad's coaching as opposed to what I get out of the ski team," what's the big deal?  It's also interesting that they suspended her for *some* (but not all) of the upcoming races...and wouldn't you know it?  She ends up getting 3rd in the next Super G...


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"The 19-year-old Ticino woman complained to the SonntagsBlick newspaper that Pini was talking behind her back to the media about how she should be training more with the team than by herself."


"“I would have preferred that he told me this frankly, in person,” the skier said."



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It was a bit more then just this, but even around WC (media, techs, coaches and racers) noone really knows or want to tell what it was about (kinda same thing as with Zurbriggen being thrown out of team hotel :)). It was about her complaining Pini can't handle job of team manager, and their history probably didn't help much with this either. There were some issues (suppose to be several times) with her being infront of media without team attire and without team sponsors etc. So there's more then one story, and noone outside of Swiss team will most likely ever know all of it.

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Just a short recap :) I was standing up on hill during Semmering GS race together with Mauro, so before the race and during the breaks, we were chatting a bit, and I said what the hell let's see what's all about, so I asked him straight about this. Interview itself has nothing to do with all this. Sure it was official reason they put out, but in reality main problem is her attitude toward contract she signed before season, and neglecting team sponsors.... not just once or twice. Rules in skiing are clear when it comes to personal sponsors, and (at least for now), FIS rules are like they are. Skiers, even if they are on their own, are racing for national ski federation (just like Lindsey or Bode before, were racing under US Ski team, not under Team America or whatever), and they can have one personal sponsor on their clothes/helmet, and rest of them are from ski federation. Then it's up to ski federation to decide how athletes should appear in public. And every ski federation I know of, has in contract which athletes need to sign before each season, that athletes should wear team sponsors during interviews, photo shoots etc. And obviously she didn't agree with that, so there was not much chances left for Swiss team then do something about it. Of course this is just one side of story, but it sounds pretty believable to me, especially knowing at least a bit of her history too.

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