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I spent the week of 12/10 - 12/17 at Wolf Creek this trip.  To me, this is one of the most family friendly resorts our family has spent time at ... Whitefish MT is another. The lodges are pretty much the same as when we first came here ~10 years ago.  There's the main lodge and "Base Camp" which is great for families with kids.  One corner of Base Camp lodge has cubby holes on the wall which makes it easy to store gear, shoes, food etc and the intent of this lodge seems to be to support families who want to bring their own food, etc.  While the lodges are a bit tired, plane and simple - they get the job done.  After all, it should be about the skiing.


Skiing first on Saturday -11th,  the snow while a decent base, was a bit too thin in places and as the week went along with warmer weather, these spots thinned out even more.  Some slopes had small trees (bushes) popping up, so you had to skirt around these. Not much grooming either as the warm weather just didn't make it conducive.  So with these conditions I spent most if the week riding off of the Alberta lift.  The tree skiing off this lift is so much fun ... Serendipity, Gyro, Pitches Glade, Bankshot, Posy, Flim Flam, et al skied great and while thin in spots the snow held up pretty well for the week. 


Between last night and today is started to snow and looks to be ~10" - 12" of fresh has piled up.  Suffice it to say today's skiing was phenomenal ... boot top to knee deep in many places and still snowing.  Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same and on into next week.  Looks like I missed the really good snow by a week. 


Overall, especially with snow in the forecast, my recommendation is give Wolf Creek a try ... even more so if you're a family with kids.