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So I'm on my second pair of foot beds.  My first set was a pair of conform'ables and they were great in my old boots.  I got new boots and they no longer fit in my new boots. I modified them extensively to try to get them to fit better but nothing worked.  Literally, my stock beds were twice as comfortable as my old conform'ables.  Last year I went to the best boot fitter in the area (George Salter of Salter's ski) and got a new custom pair from him.  He uses his own system and the footbeds appear to be his own brand as they say the name of the shop.


As I mentioned before, in my old boots the conform'ables were fantastic.  They didn't work in my new boots and that's what led me to Salter's.  My problem is that my left foot feels as if the arch isn't in the right place.  After extensive work with George and three separate fittings: he ultimately said that my foot tendons were some of the tightest he's ever dealt with.  He chalk marked the tightness  on my foot and dremeled out the chalk mark on the footbed.


 I'm fairly certain he's referring to my plantar fascia as the one on left foot does indeed seem a lot tighter then my right one.  He reasoned that it may be a result of having fracture my left ankle in grade school.  My left foot just still doesn't seem right.  It's not uncomfortable mind you, but I can feel modification on my foot.  Another reason why I believe my feet are troublesome is that my heels are abnormal.  I'm a size 13 shoe mainly because my heels are so large.  I probably have the equivalent of a size 11.5 foot print but because of my heels, I'm a 13. All of my shoes are 13.  My ski boot size is a 29.5 which loosely correlates to a 11.5 shoe.  I thought my heels might be the cause of my problems but my right footbed and boot are unbelievably comfortable.  I was thinking that maybe my heel caused an incorrect measurement but I simply don't know.


My question is about what I should do?  Should I go back to him again this year and ask for a new left foot bed?  Is dremeling out a foot bed common practice? Or should I try to smooth out the dremel spot to see if it becomes more comfortable?  I've attached two photos of the foot beds.


I never needed anytype of customization for my conform'ables.  They just simply didn't work with my new boots.  I assuming because I went from a 30.5 boot to a 29.5 boot.


Thanks for any help that anyone can provide. footbed.JPGfootbed2.JPG