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Best in the East for this weekend?

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I'm trying to figure out what mountain has the best conditions in the east for this weekend.  I haven't seen any comments. My friends and I were thinking about Stowe but they don't have any expert terrain open.

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Talked with friends who were at Killington this Tuesday and Wednesday....conditions were  good.....although they had brutally cold temps with high winds one of the days....gonna give it a try this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday....figuring that we might get lucky with the storm that is predicted for late Sunday and get some nice snow on Monday and tuesday....    

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Killington has been skiing well this week.  A bit of new snow and lots of snowmaking going on.  Looks like the storm is going to miss us however.  A bit warmer however, with temps in the 20s. 

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We're going to head up to Hunter.  I've heard the horror stories of weekend crowds up there but we are hoping that the weekend before Christmas isn't applicable to this.  I'll report back how conditions were but they seem to have a ton of terrain open already.

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okemo was wonderful today, i'm sure kmart was as well. nice temps and more than hal fof the mountain was open. no bumps though :(

heading to kmart manana, as my son is skiing a regional bump comp. lets see what they've got.

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Conditions at Hunter were awesome!  It was the first time I've been there on the weekend and was definitely busier than I've ever seen it but I have no complaints.  The new six person hi speed lift works wonders.  We stayed on expert trails all day and crowds were non existent on those slopes.  Aside from the casual gaper going down perpendicular to the fall line, it was an awesome day.


FWIW, I list this as one of the best opening days ever for me.  Being amongst Giants fans and watching Michael Vick and Desean Jackson ruin their day was pricelessyahoo.gif

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I was at Hunter Sunday also and agree the mountain is in great shape.  They have some new snow guns that lay down incredible anounts of snow.  Almost the entire mountain had great cover and soft snow, close to mid season form.  My buddy was having equipment issues and decided to call it quits around 10:30 and relax in the lodge, so i hit the singles line on the 6 pack and raely waited more than 2-3 minutes and then a quick 5 minute ride to the top.  I was doing 4-5 laps an hour until 2 when I called it quits.  The mountain was not crowded and the 6 pack really moves people to the top.


I'll be going up New Years Day to have some fun while everyone is nursing their hangovers.  I will also try to get up there one mid-week day next week.  Not sure how crowded it will be then, though.  The only bad thing was not getting to see the Giants give the game away:)

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