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Best videos?

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Post up links to the best videos on the net. Anything as long as it's skiing.

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This is one of my favorite ski videos to watch while I sit here in my cubicle in Frankfort, KY.  I've never been to Revelstoke but the video makes it look like a good time.  I like the music and the differing camera angles.


Love this video from Whistler.  Salomon Freeski TV Episode 7.  Good, funny commentary between 0:35 and 1:10.  Good skiing, cliffs, powder, etc.   


This is another favorite video - ski mountaining at Chamonix.  This place looks incredible.  It inspired my desire to pick up ski mountaineering in the future.  Plus I just love the music they put with it.


You like?

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Always thought this was just about perfect.  Props to whoever put it together.



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Its only a trailer but I come back to it again and again from Signatures:

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