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ski instructor in Vail

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I am heading out to Vail at the end of January for my yearly weeklong trip.  I always take a private instructor out of Lionshead ski school, but cannot say that I have ever been thrilled, except for the one man who eventually became a manager.  If you could recommend an instructor who is fun, energetic, and can help me perfect my turns as we ski the back bowls, please let me know. Thanks

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OMG ya obviously have never been out with Vail Snow Pro ( Rick). Not only is he a fellow bear but he has an amazing natural epiphany to teaching all levels. If I was going to take a lesson in Vail atLionshead I wouldn't even consider anyone else ( unless VSP suggested them).

His credentials are second to none and matched by few. Make sure you request him so he gets the extra request sheckles.

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Unfortunately VSP is booked for the Breck race camp at the end of January (at least on that Saturday and Sunday).

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