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Cat Tracks - Anyone Use 'Em?

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...those things that clip to the bottom of your boots to keep them from getting beaten up while walking from the parking lot. if you have them, where'd you get them? how much $$?

no one seems to know wtf i'm talking about.
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I got mine at Whistler. Many ski resorts sell them. Although they do proitect the boots, make sure you really have them on correctly. The only "ski" injury I've ever had was when one of them slipped off in the Whistler village! :
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A great idea, but a poor design. The little tabs are way too small to use easily. And they really need to make 3 sizes instead of 2. Like LM, I've been guilty of walking around with one flapping about. Is that as bad as leaving the restroom with TP stuck to your shoe?
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My boot soles are canted and for that reason, I use Cat Tracks to protect this rather expensive adjustment. A side benefit is that they also provide better traction on treks through icy parking lots.

I've found that they are easy to use. Just make sure that the tab/straps are properly positioned over the toe and heel when you put them on. Otherwise, they can detach without your knowing it. Bring a zip lock bag along to stuff them in once you take them off to keep the mud and grime out of your ski jacket pocket.

EDIT: They cost about $12 USD.

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I bought some and used them once.

Now I carry my boots to the lodge and put my boots on there. I rent a locker for a buck or two if there's not a good place to leave my shoes.

I velcro the boots together and sling them over my shoulder, so I still have my hands free.

I get good traction from my hiking boots and no wear and tear on my ski boots, plus if I have to take a bus from the parking lot, I get my ski boots off sooner!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Back to lurking! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Adema--I don't walk a single step off snow without Cat Tracks. Nothing wears your boots out faster than walking around in them. And the wear they suffer devastates performance, and even safety, because the interface between boot sole and binding is critical. I typically wear out a couple sets of Cat Tracks a season!

They are a pain in the neck to get used to, and they need to break in before they are at all easy to use. But it's a habit that is well worth developing if you value your boots and your skiing! Many instructors I know have modified theirs by attaching little cords to the tabs in back, to make them easier to get on and off. But I find that, once you've used them a while and stretched them out some, they are actually very easy to use. Hint: don't grab the tabs at all--grab the entire back section!

They do NOT really make walking easier, as their advertisements promote. Indeed, you have to learn to walk carefully so as not to pull them off. Their sole (pun intended) value is in protecting your boot soles, and they do a good job at that.

You can buy Cat Tracks at pretty much any ski shop these days, for $12-$13 dollars or so.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I use them all the time. and practice will help you put them on and get them off.
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ditto, these things will save your boots 12.00 just like everyone else but I did have a hard time finding some in summit co last season, finally I found some at surefoot.
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I always use them unless the parking lot is covered with snow. At Whistler I usually park underground (WEIRD) and it's pavement all the way to the lift. In the spring when Creekside is closed, I park in the mud and dirt near the Village. It's a long way to the lift and my boots would be shot without Cat Tracks. You won't regret getting and using them.
I got mine at REI.

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I have them and use them if it is any distance from the lodge to the lifts. I agree with the above posts that they get easier to put on with use and practice.
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thanks for the info.

two questions: (1) will these things fold up small enough to fit in your inside jacket pocket? (2) which size fits a 26.5 boot with ~305mm sole?

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Why would anyone take that long hike in boots? My solution has been to take the NASTIEST looking backpack ...... I usually steal one that my kids have abandoned ...... and carry the boots in there. Wear a pair of old sneaks or pacs that no one would even want to swipe. Your hands are free to cart the poles and skis.

Never let your socks touch the carpet in the lodge while changing into boots though! That wet carpet is nothing more than a mold and mildew sponge and you will end up with a case of foot/boot odor that'll have flies dropping over at the snack bar.
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The large size will fit a 305mm sole. And they should fit in your pocket, they do in mine.

My only problem is losing them. Have to be careful else they can get dislodged while walking.
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I think the jury is in, and the verdict is a resounding YES!

I'll throw in my agreement and support of Bob B's take on it. (See my post in the thread "Adjusting bindings".)

I average about a $600 investment in my boots-PRO COST! The only time the cat tracks aren't on them is when they are clamped to my skis!

Many others have commented on the various causes and reasons to use such a device, I don't need to repeat...

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Best place to get a pair is between the LH locker room and the Gondola ... it may take a few days but they are like "soxs in the laundry" at Vail.
I once wore out the toes of a pair of Raichles and to make them stretch until I arrived home from Suisse and a new pair from the Oz SS I moulded some new toes out of a car body bog kit and some self tapping screws ... back in the duct tape days of "junior" ski instructor at large. The toes lasted 3 weeks before they cracked up but that was enough time till the plane left for home.

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Since I got mine, never leave my boots without, unless the boots are clipped into the bindings!
Not easy to get used to, nor to wear on the boots. But very useful. Also, I usually carry a backpack, so I have no problem stuffing my cat tracks and my wife's into it.
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I have them, very useful. Use them when walking from the lodge to the lifts when there is no snow round the lodge, and on volcanic rock that saves a lot of ski boot sole.

They are fiddly ba*tards though, and will tear off a nail pretty easily, so don't try using them straight after a manicure.
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I use them all the time. They really do make walking a whole lot easier and they do protect your boots.

I must say I did find them hard to get on at first, but I left them on my boots over the season break and all the time while I was not skiing, and now they come on and off easily.

I won't go anywhere without them. For about $15USD you can't go wrong. I just fold them up and put them in my backpack.
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I use them mostly for walking around the hardwood floors in my house from Sept to beginning of ski season. Clomping around still makes a heck of a lot of noise.
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