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Where to Park in Park City

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I tried searching for this answer, but couldn't find anything.  I'm going to PCMR for a day next week.  Where is the best place to park near the lifts?



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There's an easy parking lot at the base area that is near the payday lift. It's off of Lowell Ave by the bus stop. Honestly, though, the free bus transportation is so good at PC that I've only used the parking lot like once.

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Thanks, Austin.  So If you use the bus, where is a good place to park and hop on?

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I usually park in the lower parking lot next to the First Time lift. Ride up with the kiddies to Pay Day and it's also next to Eagle Chair when that opens next week. Conditions are great, by the way.

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Agree with Mr. Crab. Just park as close to first time lift as you can.

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Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to skiing there this week.

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Originally Posted by DC310 View Post

Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to skiing there this week.

Don't forget to give us all a report!

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Park City was incredible today.  20 in of fresh powder! McConkey's and Jupiter were closed, but there was plenty of fun to be had on the rest of the mountain. We were one of the first chairs off of Silverlode, and promptly went down Thaynes and ran that chair and Motherlode for a while.  Everything over there was out of sight.  It was tough to go wrong today, with all the snow.


McConkey's and Jupiter are supposed to be open tomorrow.


It took a while for most of the lifts to open today, so the few that were open between 9 and 11 were very crowded.  Heard lots of things like "we should get a discount" or "if I wanted lines like this, I'd go to Colorado."  Once these lifts opened, I doubt anyone was complaining.


Thanks to everyone for the help.  Probably hitting Solitude tomorrow and then deciding between Brighton, Park City again or Snowbasin again on Wed. 


As a sidebar, I've been on Rossi S3s and am having a blast.

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I was next door at the Canyons Resort today, and it was same thing here with the avalanche control delays. That brief rain on Sunday night before the additional new snow set up potential avy problems. 


At least there are no more lift lines to worry about here when getting up off the base.  Moving the gondola and installing that super-quick orange bubble chair was a smart move.  I kinda like those heated seats. 


They have over 100 runs open as of today, but I'm still waiting to ski Iron Mountain.  The powder in the Park City area for the last few days reminded me of Sierra Cement, not Utah's typical "Greatest Snow on Earth."    With the new skis the difference in moisture content doesn't matter as much anymore since they go though powder and chop so easily.  Still, I'm hoping you get some colder weather to feel what that 7% moisture content snow is all about.  If the weather report is correct, you will have snow every day until sometime Friday.

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