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MakkaMappa iPhone App

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Hi Everyone, 
I'm one of the developers of the new MakkaMappa iPhone app - it's a (currently) free app that lets you turn any map image into a GPS-enabled map. You can visit makkamappa.com to see more about it. 
I don't want to be seen as spamming the forum, but I thought some of you might be interested in it as it is currently free to use. 
You can upload any map image to makkamappa.com, calibrate it with our online tool, then download it to your iPhone instantly. One of the best things about the app is that you don't need a data connection to use the maps so it's perfect for when you're out on the slopes. You can add in overlays so that you can find specific runs, lifts, first aid stations, etc.
It's entirely up to you which maps you upload, they can be hand-drawn sketches, or perfect geographically correct maps.
We currently have a fortnightly competition running in which you can win £100 - just make a map and submit it to the competition.
You can see an example of a piste map here http://makkamappa.com/maps/151 - it's the Nevis Range Piste map.
Thanks and I hope some of you have a look at it, 
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I watched some of the videos on the site to see how it all worked.  Setting up a map (or at least doing it well) looks to be a decent amount of work, but the end result is pretty frickin cool.  I really liked the bus line example, where you used a straight line bus line map, that was slick.


To play around with it, I started working on the trail map for my home ski area (Stevens Pass).  Before I publish it, I had a couple of questions.


1. Can I edit the map points after I publish it, if I want to adjust or correct things?

2. If I make it public, can others edit my map to help correct it, or just view it?


I'll publish it and put up a link to it here, but didn't want to until I made sure I'd be able to continue editing it if I want to afterwards.


I don't know how much I'd use something like this, honestly, but the implementation is really nicely done I think.

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Hey, thanks!


I've had a look at your map - looks like you've done a good job with it!


1. Yes you can edit it once it's published.  If you download the map to your phone now, then edit some points, you will have to delete that map from your phone and re-download it, but we're currently working on an update feature to get around this.

2. Others can only view it.  We are considering the possibility of allowing map makers to choose other users that they want to allow to edit their map, but it's simpler at the moment to just allow the map maker alone to edit their map.


Glad you've given it a go, and thanks again!  Any questions - just let me know! You can email use from the "Contact Us" page on the website.



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Thought I'd give these guys, and my Stevens Pass Trail Map, a plug.  They just held a map competition for newly submitted maps and mine won!  I haven't been up skiing in the last week since I made the map, so I haven't had a chance to test it out in action yet.  And honestly, I've skied Stevens enough that I don't really need this.  But I still think the app is pretty slick anyway.


If anyone wants to see the Trail Map I made, it's here: http://makkamappa.com/maps/185

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