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So park city was a disaster, but Heavenly in Lake Tahoe had a great system. It went like this:


Say your day off of the week was wednesday, well you could have it off or come in to work. But each morning you came in to work your rostered day, you said to the boss either you did want to work or didn't want to work. If you didn't want to work, but there were lots of clients, then you automatically went to the bottom of the pile and ended up with the beginners.  And if you said you did want to work, then  you got the higher end.


What generally happened was you got to ski if you wanted to ski, or you got a nice group to work with. When you said you wanted to ski and not work, and it was your rostered day to work, then you of course took the risk of having to work at being at the bottom end of the pile and getting the beginners.


I was on the Nevada side, mainly with the kids, occasionally with the adults.


I remember being warned not to ski with the head of the adult ski school as he likes to 'test' new iinstructors. Well, I'd finished a day skiing powder and then bumps, when he 'bumps' into me at the top of a chair lift. We ended up skiing a canyon, a pretty damn steep one, i don't think it was Mott canyon, but anyway, he said 'you lead the way'. So I was tired after a day hard skiing, and now he had me on some pretty decent terrain.


I tore it up, the steep was sweet, and the bumps at the bottom nice and soft. He didn't compliment my skiing at all, but made me ski it two more times, before I said "that's enough, I'm too tired".


Anyway, loved Heavenly, great people, great system, oh and 'Low Morals Monday' was a bit of an eye opening. $1 drinks at the nightclub in Caesars casino. That was the only tuesday I ever not turned up to work. My head had exploded.