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Coreupt skis pros and cons

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    I work at a ski shop in bozeman MT and have never seen (in person) or skied anything from the coreupt line.  At first they looked awesome and got great reviews from mags.  After talking with local friends and people that come into the shop I am hearing that they are really heavy and not well built. Also a rumor is that they are just the molds from dynastar and not original.  Next i watched a couple of vids of Candide and he is pretty good so they must not be to bad.  I am curious of what anyone thinks because i might buy a couple of pairs for the right price but if they are crap skis for gapers i will just get some Czars (Salomon) and/or Watea 98s (Fischer) and/or Bibbys (Moment).  So now that i haveBeating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif it to death who would like to elaborate (continue)?




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The last 2 seasons they have their own molds and models, and their skis have been reviewed pretty favourably over at TGR, especially the big mountain pro models (Richard Permin and GC's). Pretty cheap pricing too. They are definitely not gaper skis.

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I've been on Legend Pro's and XXL's since they came out.   When Dynastar dumbed down the LP, I actually thought that it might be good for me?  I'm getting a little older and pushing the 194's through the bumps when it's hard, kills my knees. 


I picked up the Corrupt X Ray in the 184.  The construction looks good, but the ski just doesn't do it for me.  It doesn't have the pop or the edge hold that my old LP's have.  Now I'm stuck with the ski, because basically nobody knows about this ski, even though some people like the new LP?

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TJ Schiller used them for a year or so as well.  I think he did a Double Cork 1620 on a pair once if I remember correctly.  They probably do work well.


And it doesn't surprise me they are reviewed well at TGR.  I don't hear to many people that stray from the mainstream and try new brands, complain about them.  Not sure if it's pride, or if every single indie company that popped up over the last couple years is really just that good.

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