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TR: Jackson Hole 12/10/2010 - 12/12/2010

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Hi everyone. Long time visitor, first time poster. Normally I head out west around February for a trip with the guys, but JH had way too much snow early season for me to pass up - so I headed out on my own for 3 days this past weekend. I have to thank Bob Peters for his extremely valuable guide to skiing JH. It was a big help in navigating the mountain to say the least. Here's my trip report in pictures.


I stayed at the INN at Jackson Hole, and woke-up on Friday to a steady snowfall at the base area:





After a couple laps on Apres-Vous, I decided to check-out Moran Woods. It was a powder ghost-town as expected:






I continued working my way lookers-left to get an overview of the mountain. Eventually I made my way to the tram. Locals probably wouldn't be surprised to learn the next pic is from the same day. The storm moved out and left a bluebird afternoon:




The wind was howling at the top:






The snow in rendezvous bowl was excellent - light and deep. Corbet's was closed (not that I would drop in anyway), but I got a nice shot from Tensleep:




And I believe this was taken over from by the cirque.





While I didn't do Corbets, I wanted to hit Tower 3 chute and Alta 3. Here's Tower 3, which was in great condition.





Nice and soft the whole way down.







Alta 3? from the Sublette of course.







All these dudes were hiking up to the headwall:




I have to say my favorite area of the week was accessed from Tensleep: I did the cirque, broadway and one of the expert chutes. Here's the expert chute - the second one over.





And here's broadway, which I agree is very sarcastic.





On Sunday, I was skiing down Amphitheatre, and all of a sudden a guy with a 60-lb dog on his shoulders zipped past me. Interested, I took out my camera and followed him. You can barely see the dog in the following picture. It was only later when I was reading a JH book at the airport, that I realized he was probably an "Avalanche Dog." Maybe you'll find my ignorance of such dogs alarming. Oh well, there's a first for everything. Suffice to say, the dog looked HAPPY to be moving so quickly - like riding with your head out the car window on steroids.





I purchased new Technica Agent books a couple months ago:






And demo'd Johnny 94's the first day.




And Salomon Shaman's the second / third days. The head's were 173, and the Shaman's were 164. I am 5'8 and 150. I really liked the Shaman's in the conditions we have. I know 164 is short, but I'm short, light and definitely more "advanced" than "expert"





From the top of the cirque:






What an awesome weekend overall. Lots of snow with temps in the 20's. It wasn't until noon on Sunday that it got too warm and the snow started to turn, but at that point I had to head to the airport anyway. JH impressed on all levels. Definitely coming back many more times!





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Wow!  What a first post!  Well played. icon14.gif


Looks like a good trip and more than decent December conditions. 

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Nice TR. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, that is exactly what I was hoping for, a great current JH TR.  I should to be skiing there Christmas Day, for the first time in many years.  Your TR definitely ramped up the stoke at our house.icon14.gif

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How about Rendevous Bowl on Friday!  Holy Crap it was so windbuffed and flat.  No tracks anywhere at 3:30 in the afternoon after the locals had been lapping it all day.  That wind does a great grooming jobyahoo.gif


Glad you had such a great time.

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I'm the same weight, but taller (6'2") and just ordered some Head John 94 in the 173.  What is your opinion of them after skiing them.


And great TR.

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Johnny's were versatile - good float in powder, yet held edge nicely on groomers. Just too much ski for me at 173. I haven't been skiing long enough to give much of a detailed description. I'll just say I found the Shaman's more manueverable for my skill / stature.


Back to the trip, I have some more time now to upload some more shots. Here you go:


























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you saw a good bit of terrain there.  Any hobacks?


I love those avi dogs -- patrol seems to ski about 50 with them on the pack.  Amazing.



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I did venture into the south hoback on Friday. 3000 vertical feet with lots of untracked. It was a big workout. I actually stopped midway for about 10 minutes for some solitude and rest. I think I saw 1 person go by in the meantime, way off in the distance. Conditions were ideal, but I can imagine they get pretty hairy in sun / periods of little snow.

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I miss JH and i was only there once -- but it was awesome! Its amazing how the pictures dont do the terrain justice - having been there there is ALOT of steep that isnt showing. Thanks for sharing and helping me thing snow while stuck in the office today :)

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Those Salomon Shamans look alot like Salomon Shoguns. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

Those Salomon Shamans look alot like Salomon Shoguns. th_dunno-1[1].gif

lol my bad

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Apres, to Moran, then to RV is one of my most favorite ways to start a day at JH.  Great 1st post....looking forward to my trip in Feb

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