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ski sizing

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Im about 5'5 and im wondering if a size 164 ski would be good for me?

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Not enough info. What kind of skier are you and where do you ski? What are you looing for the ski to do for you?

However a very general rule of thumb is beginner - chin level, intermediate - nose level, and advanced/expert - forehead to top of head. But as mentioned this is just a loose guidline that you must refine for your particular situation.

Good luck,

Rick G
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Just curious, what is classifide as beginner? I always though of it as one who only sticks to the green runs and turns with their skiis in the "pizza" shape.


But OP, I have skis that are about 1 inch shorter than my chin and I like them for quick nimble turns but they are not the best for higher speeds. I think your weight has affect in the size of ski as well. 

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