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ski sizing question

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Im about 5'5 and im wondering what size skis i should buy. Would a 164 size be good for my height?

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If you search, you will find many, many, MANY threads asking this question.


Assuming you're talking 'normal' technical or all-mountain skis (<90mm width), the rule of thumb I use is a length between your chin and the top of your head.  That would be in the 155-165 range for you.  If you're a beginner, you should go for the lower end of that range.  Shorter skis are easier to turn.




Also, I should probably add that if you're buying your first pair of skis, you should DEFINITELY buy boots first.  And you should find a bootfitter that can get you a pair that actually fits properly.  The boots are way more important than the skis.

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You also need to take into consideration your weight, skill level, and what type of skiing you plan on doing (groomed, powder, etc.).  Search feature and google are your friend.


If you provide more details about yourself and how you ski, we can provide more customized answer to your question.  Also, boots are more important!

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