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Need help and advice for a gift. - ASAP

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Hi to everyone,


I would like to buy a new set of ski for my husband. He has been skiing for about 11yrs. I dont know which one to get, but i had observe him looking at these skis and also in the history of the website. (i like to observe and spy on my husband and kids so i know what they want for Christmas, it makes me look awesome)


He skis at this place mostly heavenly, mammoth and at least 8 days in Vail, aspen. (when he goes for sale meeting he stays extra days just to ski)


Atomic D2 VF 75

Atomic DC VF 73

Fisher Motive 76

Fisher Motive 74

Icelantic Nomad SFT

Icelantic Shaman


I've been reading and cant decide which one to get for him. I just started skiing but cant tell the difference between all mountain and freesking. I dont know if the snow in heavenly is good for carving or those other terms. I want him to be able to bring it into those places without problem.


Please help me decide as to save money cause i dont want to pay for shipping to have it returned. Also i had him forbidden to go in the backcountry where there is trees. (since he as kids his forbidden, when they turn 18 yes he can go there but for the mean time no)


Please help and i appreciate everyone input.


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The basic info you still need is whether he skis almost exclusively groomed trails, ungroomed, or a mix. Those skis are all quite different.

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New skis for Christmas?  Cool!


Whatever you end up buying I would certainly explain the situation to the vendor and make sure you can return the skis in exchange for another pair.  I'm guessing here that your husband will have a pair in mind and will be thrilled with his gift even if an exchange is needed.  Just takes the guesswork/risk out of it.


Nothing quite like a six foot box under the Christmas tree.  Lucky husband.

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Lets just say it would be mix about 80% where everybody skis (im not sure if thats groomed or not) and 20% when its just full of snow about 3 to 4" of snow.


The icelantic nomad looks awesome, but i just realize its more expensive since binding does come with it. But if i get this one it will make him look younger and take some age out of him.

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As for the vendor i will be ordiring it on evo or skis.com or any where as long as its not local. It saves me tax.



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If I were you, I'd leave the decision about which skis up to him and give him a note (or a gift certificate) promising a new pair; that way he could pick them out himself. Picking out skis is a very subjective process, and rather than get him something he may not be in love with, I'd put the ball in his court. If you want something more visually exciting, attach the note to a pair of really old beaters you could pick up second hand, or to his current pair of skis. This way he gets what he wants, and you seem like a hero.


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