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Western trip proposal

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Hi there,


I am curious what people's reaction would be to the following - so I thought I'd float it here.


If a skier on the forum happened to be going skiing for a few days with on-mountain accommodation, I might, being a generally nice guy, want to book him an airplane ticket to get there. It is possible too that this a fellow skier might happen to have an extra room in his on-mountain accommodation and be looking for a ski companion to stay in that room, and I would of course be pleased to help him out in that regard.


Nothing in the forgoing should be considered to be any sort of transaction, but rather a general expression of good will between skiers.






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If I hadn't already booked a flight to Tahoe, I'd have taken a flight and compensated a room for someone to share and ski with.  As it goes now, I just have a room, a flight, and no ski buddy.

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