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Boot stench

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Ok, nice and quick - my boots stink to Holy Hell. Not like a "hey sweaty feet... Neat" sort of smell. Or even a "wow get a whiff of them dogs" odor. More like a "holyf**k! what the hell is that stench!?!". It is kinda a mix between smelly feet, some sort of cheese and well what can best be described as vomit.

Now I am not writing this post to find out what is wrong with my boots. I already know that - my feet go in them. Nor am I writing this to find out what is wrong with my feet - had them for 39 years and they've been like this since ever I can remember. My feet, when left in a small confined area for a prolonged period of time just declare war on all that is Right, Good and Decent in the world.

The reason I am writing this is what to do to mask the atrocity. It is with all my boots. I dry them on boot dryer in the locker room. Heh! Ya... My boots with a hose blowing warm air into them... In a crowded public space full of people I know. Hence my question. I've tried sprinkling Gold Bond powder in them but that doesn't accomplish much. I have tried Fabreeze and that wasn't bad. Also has the Pavlovian plus of making me think about skiing whenever I smell it in a public restroom.

Any ideas?

P.S. This only happens to my ski boots and Chacos for some reason. No need to run from me if you see me on a plane. Well, check to make sure I am not Chacoed up... wink.gif
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This is the answer to your prayers.


I'm not usually a believer in "miracle cures" but it is amazing.  Trust me. Snagged some for a pair of disgusting hiking footwear in NZ a while back. Listened to the pitch from a guy in a shop in Wanaka. Thought to myself "yeah, yeah" - but needed to try something. I'm a believer.

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Looky here, tons of info for ya...



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Spin - nice. Wife is all over that as a stocking stuffer for moi! Many thanks!

Vlad - how did I miss that litlle gem? Yet further proof that cats are evil and at war with mankind. wink.gif
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You need to nuke the bacteria.  Washing the liners with Win High Performance Sport Detergent will do the trick.  I use it when my flip flops get funky and you can see it reacting with the bacteria.  If you can't find that, a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide will kill the little nasties, too, but won't wash the gunk out.

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