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Deer Valley or Park City Mountain with 3 1/2 year old

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We're planning a vacation to Park City in Feb. We have 1 kid 3 1/2 who has never skied. I like the price of Park City Mountain Resort but wonder if Deer Valley is better for day care/ ski lessons. Quality of care for little one is extremely important to our ability to enjoy the vacation. Anyone know anything about either of these mountains for the 3 year old set?

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Both have awesome ski schools.  Your kid will have a blast and learn a lot at either one of them.  Honestly, you can't go wrong either way. 

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I know that Park City used to have a not very good program for little ones.  When my son was 3&1/2 we were planning a trip to Park City and were warned off by a gentleman whom we were going to rent a condo from.  He was a grandfather and had some experience with PC's ski school for younger children.  we ended up just down the road at what is now The Canyons.  Midway through the week a couple brought their daughter over from PC where she had  not been learning.  The kids at Wolf Mountain, (now The Canyons) were all much farther ahead in their skiing.  By the end of the week my 3-year old son was comfortable riding lifts and skiing easy blue's.


Of course this was 14 years ago and things may have changed...but they may not have.  I suggest you look into it some more.

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Crank, I ski both mountains regularly, and I have buddies that patrol at both mountains, and all agree that DV and PCMR have very good ski schools.  Admittedly, I can't vouch for 14 years ago, but I do know that both mountains (PCMR and DV) have great reputations amongst the locals in 2010.  I haven't heard anything positive or negative about the Canyons' ski school, so I can't vouch for them, but I'm sure it's fine too. 

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What Pete said. Both PCMR and DV put a lot of effort into their kids' programs.  I worked with the lady who manages the PCMR kids' ski school and she's fantastic.  Also, for beginners, I like PCMR's terrain better. Certainly easier to teach beginners on than DV's (done both).

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The overall quality of service at DV is VERY GOOD but I have no specific experience with either school. Most resorts know that parents are protective of their kids and provide good service for the little ones. I'd expect both places to offer good lessons and good care.

My guess is the location of your codo relative to the ski school may have more to do with your success than the actual school itself. Getting the kids to and from the school was usually the most challenging part of our day.

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Deer Valley is pretty much the gold standard for Kid's ski programs. They have the best capability for taking care of infants ( the only place for babies) to preschoolers, in my experience, of the three Park City resorts. I've had my kids in their day care and ski school since the age of one or so, and then skiing since three- we tried most of the Utah  resorts- nothing else even comes close. DV wasn't much more $ as of a few years ago (3-4) so , for the peace of mind, I'd do DV. From the Snow Park lodge, you can have a terrific buffet breakfast by the fire and watch the kids load on the lift. The dedicated kid's hill is called Wide West and has two lifts, where your 31/2 year old would be skiing. It is adjacent but seperate from the main area, so there's no teenagers bombing the run out. We found it a great experience when the kids were young- completely worry free, and the level of service is always exceptional. Everything is easy and convienently located- can't say that for PCMR or Canyons. When kids are older, anything works- Sundance and Alta are especially wonderful- but for babies through about K, DV is the best. 

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Thanks Mr. Crab, that's exactly what I needed to know. We're going to DV. The other mountains look better for school aged kids. Thanks to all who replied. We are very excited for our trip!! Let in snow (out there).

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