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Knee Brace

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Does anyone here use a knee brace?  Do they stretch out? Need to fit very tight?

My wife just received her donjoy Playmaker brace and its borderline... looks too loose maybe.  On their online size guide she was in between sizes

Thanks for any tips

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What is her injury? What is she trying to accomplish with it? I have a brace that I wear for a MCL/ACL injury which has aluminum hinges on either side of the knee cap, open circle where knee cap is, and two straps--1 above and 1 below the cap.  If you wife's is just a simple pull on sleeve, you probably want to go one size smaller as opposed to something that feels right before she gets on the slopes.  All the movement and bending will loosen the sleeve throughout the day. 

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^^^^ What he said. I wear a Donjoy Defiance, but it was Rx by a doc, had to be custom fitted etc. The Playmaker looks to have a similar pivot, but a reduced frame, seems to be for mild ligament issues. If she has an orthopedic injury, either ligaments or cartilage/osteo, this should be checked/fitted by a doc. The sizing at the pivots is fairly precise.

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