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race boots for son

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Hi Folks


I live in an area where the only ski boots available within many hours driving are at big box sporting good shops.  My 11 year old son is going to be racing K1 this year.  He weighs 75 lbs and is not an agressive racer, but is an excellent skiier nonetheless.  About 1 month ago, we were in a city that had a ski shop.  There was no bootfitter per se, but the clerk seemed to have a good knowledge of fitting kids, and they had race boots there.  He was wearing size 5 shoes at the time which seemed to fit well.  We tried 24.5, but settled on 23.5.  The shell fit indicated they were the right size for him.  He used them for two days and said they seemed fine.  Now, we try them on 3 weeks later and they seem very tight.  Is this to be expected, being race boots, or are they too small?  Unless we make a trip out of town, which is unlikely, we will have to order online.  Will 24.5 be too big do you think (generally speaking as I realize you cannot fit online)?  These are Salomon x3-60.  sorry for the long post, but I would really appreciate your expert help with this.


Thank you so much

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no idea how fast kids grow, but odds are if it did work then, it should work now.


just use very thin socks, and a supportive footbed, and buckle the heel buckle tight to get the toes off the front.

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