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And not really up for writing a full review of everything, but just a quick synopsis of what I skied.


Conditions = Hard Pack and Ice.  Can't remember last time it snowed.  Sunny.  Barely Freezing temps.  Not ideal for testing big skis.


Rossignol Super 7 195cm - Surprisingly delightful!  This thing actually did just fine on the firm snow we had, and sounded much beefier than my BarHoppers (must be the metal). 


Rossignol S7 188cm - Nothing like the Super 7.  Loud and chattery, and not holding an edge on ice.  Sketchy all over the place.


Rossignol S6 186cm - In between the other 2 Rossignols.  Still didnt feel as beefy as the Super, but held and edge and felt more like a normal ski than the S7.  It's really ugly though.


Nordica Zero 184cm - Todays big winner.  I wasn't too stoked on the Center Mount, but I could get used to it if I had to.  Didn't feel anything like the 104mm it said the waist was.  Held an edge on ice like something 20mm narrower.  Looks awesome.  Skied switch well (doy).  Felt nice, stiff and beefy.  I'd consider owning these if it weren't symmetrical and center mounted.



I would like to have demoed the new Volkl Bridge they had to see how the rockered one compares to the non rockered that I skied last year, bit I lost interest by the afternoon.


I also would have loved to try the Nordica Radict, since I already have my eye on them as a possibility for next year, but alas, they did not have one to demo.  Rep says they will be available in a 193cm next year though. icon14.gif