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Can someone explain sidecut to me?

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I bought the prophet 100's which have a considerable amount of sidecut and was wondering if this is good or bad

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See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidecut


Sidecut is having the middle of the ski be narrower than the ends, which enables carving turns. When you are going stright down the hill, and roll onto the left edges of both skis, the sidecut of the skis will make a left turn without skidding. More sidecut enables sharper turns. The four numbers that manufacturers provide for their skis usually boil down to 1) length, and the width of the 2) tip, 3) middle, and 4) tail of the ski. Bigger numbers at tip and tail, and smaller numbers in the middle show there is more sidecut.

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Also, from what I understand; the sidecut translates into the ski's truning radius. Thus a ski with a less pronounced sidecut will have a larger turning radius and will thus require more effort from the skier to make a turn. 

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Update: The Line 100's have a turn radius of 17m (shortish) so you should have a pretty easy time turning and carving about with those skis.


Whether or not this is good or bad is a preference thing. If you are a novice, shorter turn radius is probably better as it will allow you to carve the hill with out killing yourself. For a bit more advanced skier who is interested in bombing the hill or taking larger turns, a short turn radius could be considered "bad". Its a preference and an ability level thing. Not so much good or bad.

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As a good American I typically believe more is better.  In the case of sidecut that is definitely true in women's fashion but not necessarily so with skis.  It depends on what you want from the ski.  I've heard good things about Prophet 100s though.

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Here are several links that explain what sidecut is, and how it affects a skis performance characteristics.  Hope you find them helpful.









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