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Volkl mounting points

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What's with the new mounting marks on the freeski line-up. Where do you mount for optimum carving abilty? I'd assume boot center but, nevere seen marks for behind that before.

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It is a conundrum isn't it?  Some manufacturers have begun to print more than one mounting point on skis, thus giving credence that there isn't just one mounting point that suits everyone and every purpose, yet they leave it up to the consumer to go investigate which mounting point they should use.  When you inquire directly with them they usually will provide their "general guidance" yet that isn't necessarily solid, dependable advice.  So you end up going to Internet forums and asking for additional advice.


So here's my advice - take a look at some of the previous threads about binding mount position, BoF, etc. and educate yourself as much as possible AND/OR mount a binding that will allow you to easily test multiple positions without re-drilling.


There is a great spot on that ski for you for "optimum carving ability", but honestly the best way to find it is by depending on yourself.

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Meh, I'd really rather just mount them and ride but, I guess they don't want to make things easy now do they.

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