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I'm heading up to Ski Bowl on Mt.Hood here in the PNW for a 5 hour night session this wednesday with some friends. I'm getting back into the sport from a 3 year hiatus, my gear is old, and I'm starting from the ground up with hard gear.


I'm still waiting to get new boots fitted so until then I'm skiing my old set that while far from perfect, are predictable and only hold me back noticeably when im really shredding, which shouldnt be an issue at this resort to begin with.  


I've made it up once thus far this season to Meadows and demo'd some Rossy Avenger 82 Carbon all-mountain ski's (terrain was choppy packed powder from the last storm, they seemed appropriate.) 


Over the weekend the mountain got rain that will freeze today and then over the next two days probably 2-3 feet of fresh snow before we hit the slopes.


I should be a low-expert skiier but after three years of I'm probably skiing at a high-intermediate level. I'm looking to pick up a set of all mountain skis that will let me progress back into the sport with some room to grow. I know that all-mountain means just-ok everywhere, but I'm not about to go into 2-3 pairs of ski's before I've at least gotten back to my old skill level. I intend on demo'ing powder ski's when it does dump, so please no lectures on all-mountain planks.


Anyway, I'm 6' 195 in strong shape and enjoyed riding the avenger 82's in 177 on my first day back to the sport. Ski bowl demos' Atomic, Fischer, Nordica, Salomon and Volkl. Does anyone have a suggestion about something from those manufacturers that I should try in relation to the Avenger 82's?


Thanks. Feel free to point out if I'm doing anything dumb except for the aforementioned interest in all-mountain ski's.