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Free Codes for iPhone Powder Alarm App

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Saw some free codes being offered in the iphone threads for a couple of cool apps and figured I'd share the love too.  I make Powder Alarm for the iPhone which uses hourly snow telemetry data to trigger your alarm clock if a certain amount of snow has fallen over night.  Essentially this is what I would do manually every morning to decide whether I should go to work or ski that day but I decided to make an app out of it.  Currently supports the top Western US ski areas.


Please reply to the thread noting you've used a code.  I would really appreciate it if you would rate the app in the app store too!








Here is info about the app including the link to the app store:



Here are instructions on how to redeem a code:





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Thanks Scott.


I have redeemed code: LXWEXMMKHX7R



I will take some time to get familiar with the app and provide feedback.

We can only hope the alarms are a regular event here in the Wasatch yahoo.gif




Note:  Any plans to add Snowbasin (or Powder Mountain)?

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Thanks scottcha!


I redeemed PNW6RFKMY94X


I too will play around a bit and add feedback/a review. Awesome support for local resorts at first glance!

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Great idea Scott -- well done!


Edit to ask a question:  are you using push notifications?  Was it a pain to setup, or fairly easy?

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Pretty sweet idea.  I'm not taking one of the codes because there's no way in hell I can wake up on time if I wasn't planning for it the night before.  However, just wanted to give you props for a cool idea.

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Re: Powder Mountain & Snowbasin--I'll look in to it, thanks for the suggestion!


Re: Push notifications--As far as I understand it iPhone push notifications essentially show up like text messages and don't give me the ability to define a real alarm sound other than the system notification.  I use local notifications for the alarm but do most of the processing in the cloud to make the data available to the client but alarm logic lives on the client.

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Scott-  Thanks.  I redeemed the code 4XRMKPLA3JJL.  Will rate on iTunes ...

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