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Forward Lean

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Can the forward lean on what seems like a non-adjustable boot be lessoned? Salomon CS is the boot. The picture if it works is me in the background standing on a flat piece of terrain, notice the forward flex of boots and knees.

Suggestions and thank you.




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Hi rfl1.


     Forward lean can be reduced on any boot by flairing the upper boot

cuff of the shell rearward, but it is helpfull to know your calf muscle

circumference at thre top of the boot cuff so as to arrive at the right amount of forward lean.


     This will allow you to stand with your hip in the correct position over your

boot sole center, without resorting to tipping the rearward by lifting the boot toe.

If you PM me we can discuss how this done. 



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Sent you a pm did you get it?

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