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Advice about possible binding mount error. Please help me!

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So here's the deal: all the shops are backed up and I wanted to ski my new planks asap so yesterday I brought my new Salomon Shoguns to REI to have my new Rossi Freeski Ti 120 bindings mounted (I bought the bindings and skis elsewhere). I pick them up later that day and the binding is mounted to the LEFT of what it should be on both skis. This is an easily noticable amount, about 4mm off from center. I assume this means their jig is messed up?


Anyway, I come back today and they start giving me a really hard time, saying at first that there is not even a noticable amount of deviation from center, then finally agreeing on 3mm, then saying it would happen exactly the same way if they mounted again so there's nothing to be done, etc. I didn't buy the bindings there, so can't use their normal 100% guarantee. Anyway, it seems to me that the 4-5mm is significant and I shouldn't accept anything other than brand new skis.


Anybody have any advice for me?

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Please, don't get mad at me, but you asked.


Sounds like you spun the big wheel of chance, and lost. I can only say that until you learn how to mount your own bindings you should have them mounted where you bought them. But you know that now. Don't take them back to REI. They won't do anything but remount them and it should be obvious that they don't know what they are doing. Take them back to where you bought them and talk to the tech there. Maybe they can be fixed, remounted, without any detrimental effects.


If they are too backed up to help you now why not just ski them until you can get them fixed.

3 mm off, that's bad but not the end of the world.

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Something doesn't make sense in this story. Why are they saying "It would happen exactly the same if re-done"??? 


You are  measuring from the metal edges to the center of the ski then to the screw hole location, not the top edge of the ski top sheet to the side of the binding housing, right? If so that is unacceptable. If their jig is off by that much, and they know it, they should stop using it and replace it. A new jig costs less than a replacement ski. There are plenty of ways to 'fix' this, but a new ski is the only solution you should accept.


There is a bright side to this: REI is a big corporation, they will be able to replace the skis easily... and now you know NOT to take a pair of skis you bought somewhere else into a Box Store and ask for a rushed mounting job. This will get sorted out and you'll get new skis if the skis are mis-mounted like you say.

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Make sure you are measuring relative to the metal edges and not the topsheet, sidewalls, or graphics.  Those can all give the impression that a mount is off center (ski manufacturers are not particular about that stuff in general, but they are about the metal edges).  If it's truly off center relative to the metal edges, then you definitely have a legit problem.  I'd say they should be no worse than 2mm from the true centerline to be considered close enough.  I mount without a jig, and the tolerance is a pencil lead, which is less than 1mm.  Shops should be able to do at least that good with a jig.  In fact you almost have to try and f@$k things up on purpose to botch a jig job.


I hate to say it, but your experience is one of dozens we see here -- new user joins the forums, posts an SOS about a mis-mount at a big-chain retailer, and then splits.  If you did a search, you'd see a pattern (and REI comes up a lot, unfortunately).  Live and learn.

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Last time I bought from REI the salesman asked if I needed them mounted there. Of course, I said no. His response? "Good."

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I had a mismount this year too (posted on here of course).  Mine came from the local true ski shop though, and not a big chain store.  The only common denominator, was that I didn't buy mine at the shop that mismounted either. (They don't sell Kneissl).  I did however pay them to do a proper mount and they didn't.  Their solution was to remove and remount in the correct location, and not charge me in the end.  No new skis though.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone, I very much appreciate it. They said they'd get back to me tomorrow, so I'll have an update soon.

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Thanks again for the advice everyone. They gave me new skis! I'll go get them mounted by the mountain shop at Kirkwood... the good ski shop here in Berkeley is backed up for 2 weeks. 

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Can I have the old ones?

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