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What carving skis?

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Hello all,

I've progressed a bit in my skiing ability from past year and now I’m sitting comfortably in a level 6 skier.

I own a pair of Atomic Nomad’s Highnoon and I’m thinking that they are somehow stopping me from learning a bit more. I find myself skidding instead of carving when I want to control my speed.


When I've paid for a lesson last year the instructor said that I have to let the ski make the turn, if not tighter wider! After the lesson he did say that I’m doing my movements right for this kind of level and that it could be that the skis weren’t helping!

I found myself looking for reviews of my skis in the WWW and found this:


Where it says: As the tail is narrower there is less grip towards the end of the turn in the sense of a carve, this ski is designed so that you can “feather” your speed by skidding and scraping your skis over the snow rather than using the turn shape or arc to slow you down.

Well, after some thought on this I’ve found that I probably will spend some money on a new pair of skis and went to investigate some. I’ve found that many praise the Fischer RX Fire for carving but they aren’t sold in my country, and buying them from the WWW will cost me probably more than one of the Fischer competitors if bought here.

The thing is that I can’t find any true comparison article between the RX Fire and what the other brands have to offer.


I'm 5,9 and 160 pounds.


Can you please assist me in my quest of finding a good and affordable carving ski?

Thank you so much.


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Fischer WC SC.  'nough said.


Well, almost enough said.  Carving purer turns is a means of skiing faster, not slower.

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At level 6, I might encourage you to consider the Fischer Progressor 8+. 


I'm at a bit more advanced level, but I bought a pair for slower, turnier skiing with my wife (compared bombing with the boys).


They are an absolute blast, and have made bluebird groomer days a lot more entertaining for me.  Carving -- for me -- is almost as fun as powder BUT WITHOUT THE CROWDS!!!


Of course, you should try and demo first, which I encourage everybody to do, but never actually do myself due to the hassle, time element, potential for poorly tuned skis, etc. 

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Fischer Progressor 8+, Elan Waveflex 12/14, Dynastar Contact Groove (non-Ti), Head Icon 80TT, Blizzard G-Force Pro


Some of those are different than the others but from various reviews not terribly demanding and biased towards short to medium radius turns. Just a short list though, there are a lot of skis that would fit what you are looking for.


I haven't been on the Progressor 8+ but I have skied 3 or 4 days on the old RX8 and if they are anything alike it would be a great choice.

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Thank you all for your tips,


The thing is that Fischer isn't sold in my country, as much as I would like to buy a pair since many say wonders about them.


I'll look at your suggested list Chris.


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